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We offer an extensive range of products suitable for all types of application. Whether it is the simple but effective blank label to your more superior full colour with perhaps added value of a cold foil, metallic ink and of course the final touch of a gloss or satin or matt varnish to complete the look.

Our portfolio also includes a selection of card products from blank layer card to fully printed card sleeves with our recent introduction of plain and printed film.

Depending on the final product and what it is utilised for we can supply an array of substrates and adhesives to suit most environments. For example if the final products are kept in a freezer then we would offer anything from a paper to a pp face material with either a freezer adhesive or wet pack adhesive which customer would trial to ensure suitability and effectiveness.

Please have a look below to the type of products we offer:
Empty Salmon Packaging
Bakery Image pallete of Blank Material


Price Point
Full Colour
Cold Foiled
Reverse Print
Tamper Evident
Clear Window
In our library of cutters we have all
different shapes & sizes for you to
choose from. JUST ASK!!!

Other Products

Card Sleeves
Layer Card Inserts
Plain Film
Printed Film

Film products are an incredible versatile packaging solution for the enhancement & shelf life
of your food produce. We can offer a range of film products from your simple single wound
plain opp with or without perforation as well as
centrefold to the full colour printed film which
intensifies the appeal of your goods to your customer

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